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Tara. Ottawa, Canada. I have side blogzz too. I mean, who doesn't.


Machine Embroidered Jacket, ca. 1890s

Owned by Jessie Mason Webb

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Princess just left! She’s found her forever home. I miss her already :’-( 

D’aw. The eyebrows. ♡

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"Grim Reaper" outfit solo piece.


"Grim Reaper" outfit solo piece.

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A Russian tank manufacturer has unveiled a new tram design that it plans to start mass-producing in 2015. These beautiful pieces of engineering will hold 190 to 270 passengers and will be able to traverse on even the older, worn out Russian tram tracks.

Read more about the so-called “Batmobile” trams…

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Saul Leiter

probably my favorite photographer.
his bold composition sense is phenomenal.

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i have been planning on getting my shit together for like 5 years now 

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